Episode 8: The St. Aubin Street Massacre of 1929

October 29, 2020

On the night of July 3, 1929, a man enters the home of a local business man, mystic, and occult leader, Bennie Evangalista.  He is shocked to see Evangalista, beheaded and surrounded by photos of his deceased infant son.  Upstairs, the bodies of his wife and children are found in their beds. The scene mirrors those of Evangalista’s own visions and writings. Investigators are left with little more than a single bloody fingerprint.  Mick shares one of the oldest unsolved mysteries in Detroit history.  Was it a competing cult? An illusive mafia connection?  Or a disillusioned follower’s retaliation?  We may never know, as these supposedly haunted grounds stubbornly keep their secrets.

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