Episode 22: Why are you like this Ed Gein?! Part 1

February 11, 2021

He’s been called a Ghoul, a Deviant, and a Psycho.  He’s the inspiration behind some of the greatest fictional villains. But how much do we really know about Ed Gein? The man who horrified a nation when grisly crafts of skulls, skin masks, furniture, and clothing made of human body parts were discovered in his home.  How did Gein become the monster that we've come to know him to be?  In the first of this multiparter, Mick deep dives into the life, the family, and the psyche of The Butch of Plainfield himself.  And she and Tommy attempt to answer the question “Why are you like this Ed Gein?!”  

In part 1, we discuss the ever-important family of origin, Gein’s childhood, and just how he fit in in the tiny town of Plainfield Wisconsin.

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